Wedding Contract

Church of the Living Waters StillWaters Resort Dadeville, AL 36853

The Board of Trustees of the Church of the Living Waters is honored that you have chosen our church for your wedding. We understand that you would like the wedding to take place on _________________________ at _____________ o’clock and your rehearsal to occur on ______________________________at _____________ o’clock. Our desire is to assist you in making this day as memorable and as effortless as possible.

Before we get into more details I wanted to let you know that the Church of the Living Waters Board of Trustees must approve all wedding contracts before a wedding can actually take place at our facility. Therefore this document is considered an offer, which is binding only after payment of the fees and acceptance by the COLW Board of Trustees.

A donation of $500.00 made payable to the Church of the Living Waters is required (donation of $400.00 for StillWaters property owners). Additionally a separate check for $100 is required and will be refunded if there is no damage to our equipment or property and the church grounds are left completely clean with all materials removed, including any direction signs, flowers, bows, etc. Also be aware that no vehicles are allowed on any of our paths with the exception of the florist.

Be advised that there is a strict NO SMOKING BEYOND THE PARKING LOT policy due to our wooded fire hazard. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

A full refund with 6 months or greater notice.

One half refund with 3 month – 6 months notice.

No refund with 1 month or less notice.

Church of the Living Waters reserves the right to cancel in the event of unforeseen difficulties. If this occurs you will receive a full refund.

Our available on-site church facilities include an electronic keyboard, tape deck, CD player, complete sound system, lighted walkway, lights, ceiling fans, and restrooms. Trash receptacles are available for your convenience.

Regrettably receptions are not permitted on the church grounds. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone attending your wedding knows about the vehicle and no-smoking policies mentioned above.

Please sign and return all pages of this tentative contract to me at the address shown on the next page, together with your two checks made payable to Church of the Living Waters within seven days. This will acknowledge your understanding of these terms. Once the Church of the Living Waters Board of Trustees completes their review and approves your wedding I will notify you, which will complete the contract and confirm your reservation. I have included a copy of this tentative contract for your records. Feel free to contact me at any time if I can be of further assistance in any way.


Toni Holt

Wedding Coordinator, Phone: 334-444-7900

Return all pages and your two checks payable to Church of the Living Waters to:

Toni Holt

2595 Glenn Brooke Drive Auburn, AL 36830

Signature ________________________________________________ Date Signed __________________________

Bride’s Information:

Name: Address:

Home # Email address




________________________ Cell # _________________________ _________________________________

Groom’s Information:

Name: Address:

Home # Email address




_________________________Cell # _________________________ _________________________________

Other Information - Very Important – Please Complete:

Approximate Number of Guests Attending the Service: ______________

Date & time of rehearsal ________________________________________________

Date & time of wedding ________________________________________________

Sound System Requirements: Keyboard (Yes) (No) Circle your answer

Wireless Microphone (Yes) (No) Circle your answer

CD Player (Yes) (No) Circle your answer. Wired Microphone (Yes) (No) Circle your answer. Florist Arrival Day & Time: _______________________________________________

Wedding Coordinator Contact Information: ____________________________________

For StillWaters Property Owners Only:

Name (If other than those above) __________________________________________ Relationship: ________________________________________________________________ StillWaters Property Address: __________________________________________________


Home Phone # _________________________ Cell # ___________________________

COLW Wedding Contract 8.4.15.pdf